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Phone Repair Experts’ Tips for Draining Water From Speaker

It’s common to accidentally spill some water on your phone’s speakers, but what causes you to panic is the muffled sounds you hear when you talk on call, listen to music, or watch videos on your phone. But don’t worry, as experts in Phone Repair shops in Rancho Cordova give us some tried and tested tips to get water out of your phone’s speakers and make it work adequately again.

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How To Get Water Out Of Your Phone’s Speakers? Explained By Phone Repair Experts

Hearing those muffled sounds after you have spilled water on your phone may cause you to panic as it gives the impression that you have damaged your phone’s speakers. But according to the experts in cell phone repair in Rancho Cordova, this is not always the case.

Time is key when it comes to phones damaged by water. If you know when and how to act right, you can save yourself from having to visit a store for phone repairs in Rancho Cordova and get the phone speakers replaced or, in the worse case, replace your phone.

Sometimes, you can easily get the water out of your phone’s speaker by playing something loud on your device or letting it dry out in a room-temperature environment. Remember, you must not turn on your water-damaged phone until it’s completely dry, as turning it on when it is still wet may cause more harm and damage to the delicate internal components of your device.

You can try these tips suggested by the experts to get water out of your phone’s speakers.

Does Your Phone Have The Speaker Cleaner Feature?

Luckily, some Android phones have this feature designed to remove any foreign particles from your phones, such as dirt, debris or water. This feature plays a loud sound on your device at a high volume to remove any dust particles or water from your phone.

Therefore, the experts at phone repair service in Rancho Cordova suggest that before you move on to the other steps, check if your phone has this feature. It may be labelled as Speaker cleaner or Clean Speaker or any other title similar to these ones. You can check for this feature by visiting the settings and additional settings on your android phone.

You May Download The App To Get Water Out Of your Phone Speaker

If you do not already have the speaker cleaner feature in your Android phone, you can play other sounds on your device at a high volume to clear any foreign particles from it. However, it is important to note that playing just any song from your playlist will not help, as it may not cause vibrations or triggers to the phone.

The sounds used to remove water and dust from the device are designed specifically for this purpose, as it contains vibrations and triggers. However, you don’t have to spend hours searching for the right audio file to do this job. There are many apps in the play store that have the feature of cleaning the speaker of your phone, all you have to type the speaker cleaner app, and you will get plenty of options.

You can then download that app and let it do the work for you. These apps play sounds similar to the native feature at a loud volume to make the phone vibrate and remove any foreign particles

After doing it, check the speaker’s sound by playing some normal songs. If you hear muffled sounds again, you may repeat the procedure 2 to 3 times.

Let The Water In the Speakers Dry Out

The features and apps suggested above would only work if the water didn’t penetrate deep into your phone’s speakers. However, if the water is gone deep inside, it is best to leave your phone in a room-temperature environment and let it dry itself completely. You must place your phone so that the affected speakers are facing downwards.

Seek Help From The Professional At Pro Device Repair

If none of those mentioned above ways suggested by phone repair shops in Rancho Cordova helps get water out of your device. You may bring it to us at Pro Device Repair to get it thoroughly inspected, diagnosed and fixed by our expert technicians.

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